Little Big Life Changes

Hi cuties!

Photo by Sharon Wu Photography

Photo by Sharon Wu Photography

Summer is treating me well, how’s it treating you? I’ve been home in Atlanta all summer, really getting to soak up time with my "home" friends and my family and it has been perfect and really feels like it was everything I needed.

I've been very open on the blog about how college ran me into the ground (I really should write a post on what I regret from college, including running myself into the ground), and being home all summer and just relaxing as much as I can has been really restorative for me. I’m someone who feels a need to always be going somewhere or doing something, so being home with the chance to just relax with no big responsibilities has been a wonderful break from four years of constantly going, going, going.

However, it’s been weird since graduating college. You know how sometimes you have a super exciting event or day planned in your life and as you get closer to the event and then it happens, you suddenly don’t know what to do with yourself after all the build-up? That’s how it felt after graduating college. (I was lucky enough to come from a community where going to college is a given. It’s not a question of if or when you go to college, but where you choose to go. I realize this isn’t the case for a lot of people, so I recognize this is a special chance for me.) So, it sort of felt like after I graduated college, I had done everything that was expected of me in my life and had been laid out for me, and now it was finally up to me to choose what was next. And after finishing twenty-ish years of education, I just wanted to sleep for three years.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I got home from college, and definitely spent the first bit of summer relaxing partially, but also panicking for approximately a month and a half over not having a job yet. While not everyone that graduated with me had a job when they graduated, it sure felt like everyone did. I felt like I was behind in life by not walking out of school with both a college diploma and a job offer in hand, and I felt like I had been working so hard for nothing. I had a college degree, sure, but where was my impressive NYC big shot job that got me excited for every day in the office and paid me like a superstar? I felt like everyone around me was really kicking ass and taking names in the job hunt and like I was sitting on my butt looking dumb and doing nothing. This got to me and I spent most waking hours during late May and June and early July looking for jobs obsessively. It definitely sucked the energy out of me and I really felt like I was a failure when I would go weeks without hearing anything back from places I applied to, and it ate away at me.

And then, about 6 pm the night before my birthday, I got a job offer! It was a public health-related two-year fellowship that I had applied for back in January and had some follow up with during the spring. But, after months of crickets and no response, I had assumed I would never hear back from. I had a few days to give them my answer, and I ended up accepting less than 24 hours later. The biggest downside? It was back in New York.

When I graduated college, I was dead set on moving home to Atlanta. Like ready to burn bridges and set down permanent roots in Atlanta. So when I got this dream offer and found out it was in New York, I was pretty crushed at first. However, after talking to people who work at the office I was hired and talking to my close friends that lived both in New York and Atlanta, and of course my family, I felt like I would immensely regret not taking the position, and I knew that of all the places I could go to (other than Atlanta), New York was the best option for me. Many of my friends from college are still there, and all of my extended family is there. I have a support system unlike any other, and I know the city like the back of my hand.

So all this to say, I was expecting to graduate college with a job offer in hand and to move back to Atlanta for a few years to figure out my shit before grad school. Turns out, I graduated college with a little less excitement and a whole lot more anxiety than I expected, but...  I got my dream job within two months of graduating, and I’ll be back in New York for two years living my public health dream! I’m pretty excited for the next adventure of living in New York as a “real adult” and getting to experience life as a post-grad in and around the city.

Can’t wait to bring you along on my adventures!


A Bag For Everyday

Happy, happy Tuesday y'all! Hope everyone is having a fab week as we all transition into the fall season! It's finally cold enough to break out my fave fall essentials and I'm extra excited for it! 

Today, I wanted to share my favorite every-day bag for just toting around the essentials. I have a much bigger bag that I use for school and meetings, but when I'm just hopping around town and running errands or whatever the day brings, this is the bag I bring along! (And Y'ALL I'M IN LOVE CAUSE IT'S GORGEOUS!)

mmm just look at that beautiful red leather

This is the Gigi New York Chelsea Crossbody in Crimson Pebble Grain (bought at a blogger discount). It has a detachable chain that I usually leave on!

My essentials, including my Quay Cherry Bomb sunglasses

Coach Wristlet (had this for two years and swear by it!)- the one I have is discontinued, but this is the closest thing to it! 

Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Pale Pink (a favorite of mine)

Molly Em business cards for handing out to friends, family, and brands! These are from

My handy-dandy iPhone! The case is from Sonix, and the blue glitter skin is from Etsy

I hope y'all enjoyed getting a glimpse into what I lug around with me on a day-to-day basis. If you wanna see what I carry around in terms of school and meetings and being a student, comment below and let me know :) 

Have a fabulous fall Tuesday! 

College Fashion Week: New York City

Hey hi friends! 

Hope everyone's week is absolutely fabulous! This week is a little crazy for me, with midterms starting up and things kicking into swing on campus (like next week, please check and make sure I'm doing things other than attending campus events and work, because I might forget what sleep is). However,  this weekend, I got to do something completely out of the ordinary, and attend College Fashion Week here in NYC! I was lucky enough to attend as a Social Media correspondent, covering the entire event on Her Campus' Snapchat story for the night! It was an amazing experience to even attend the event, and because I was attending and covering the event for Her Campus, I got to sit in VIP/Press seating and see everything from the ideal perspective!

If CFW is coming to your city (Chicago and LA are the next two cities that CFW will come to this year) in the future, I definitely recommend going! 

As I was covering the show for Her Campus, I got a chance to go behind the scenes in many aspects- I got there early and got to see the venue get set up for the show, and I was able to go backstage and see the clothing and models beforehand, and see all of the vendors before anyone got there! The sponsors for the event did an absolutely amazing job- some of them were Fitbit, Vince Camuto, Bertha Watches, Rebecca Minkoff, Drybar, KIND bars, Maidenform, and Style Watch! One of the coolest parts, not going to lie, was getting a VIP swag filled with some amazing gifts from the sponsors, the biggest being a Fitbit Flex 2! My Fitbit recently stopped working and I'm looking forward to trying out their newest invention! Some other items from the swag bag that I'm excited to use are the Maidenform tights and thigh highs that were included, and my personal favorite, a bag of Skinnypop!

Here's a peek into one of the coolest nights so far of this semester!

I think the best parts of the night were getting to attend with a close friend of mine, Sarah, and getting to see two of my favorite brands, Ali & Ariel (who I've worked with before here and here), and Bow & Drape (keep your eyes peeled for our collab soon!), hit the runway! It was an amazing night of #girlpower and creativity and fashion all over the place.

Also shout out to Emily from Fashion Daydream! I met her and her roomies from Pace University here in the city and they are the sweetest! Emily was covering the event on Her Campus' Instagram story and you can see her take on the night here!

Have a fab day, loves!



Sorority Recruitment Guide Part 1

If you’re reading this, hopefully you’ve signed up for Sorority Recruitment if your school holds recruitment in the fall- if you have not, I so strongly encourage you to think about signing up and going through recruitment. If your school holds recruitment in the Spring like my school, I hope you’re thinking about attending Meet and Greets this fall and signing up for Recruitment in the spring.

Sometimes, joining a chapter is not for everyone, but even going through formal recruitment is an experience like nothing else and something that rewards you with friends!


· What is formal recruitment? Formal recruitment is a period of a few days where a person thinking about joining a sorority on their campus can visit every sorority chapter on their campus and narrow down these houses based on a mutual selection process over the course of days. 

· When is formal recruitment? Typically in the fall for some schools, a week before classes start, but some smaller schools or northern colleges choose to have their recruitment during January. It will typically be at the start of the chosen semester. Check your school's Panhellenic Council website to learn the dates of your formal recruitment! My school holds recruitment in the spring, while most of my friends’ schools host recruitment in the fall.

· How many days does recruitment last? Every college varies in their length of recruitment! Some schools have a three day recruitment, others have a week-long recruitment. My university was spanned over a weekend- Thursday to Sunday, with Bid Day on Monday night after classes! Also, colleges differ with how long each round will last. My school had Round 1 stretch two days, with Round 2 and and Preference Night lasting only one day each.

·How long do the parties during rounds last? Again, this is unique to each school! You can ask your Panhellenic Council or a Recruitment Counselor.

·I have no idea what I'm doing! What do I do? Breathe first! Recruitment is in no way the end all be all of your life. Going through recruitment can be a little bit overwhelming, but it is so worth it. Look over your campus’ Panhellenic website for FAQ and answers to your questions, and once you find out who your Recruitment Counselors are, feel free to reach out to them!

The Summer or Semester Before...

I definitely recommend some preparation before you go through recruitment- even just thinking about whether or not you want to join a sorority. If you are entering in your freshman year, you'll will be VERY busy moving in, so if your school's recruitment is in the fall, it'll be smart to be prepared. If you are not a freshman, then you've probably heard some sort of overview surrounding greek life or recruitment, but definitely set out some time to plan. If your recruitment is in the spring on your campus, focus on making friends, exploring campus and enjoying your first semester, but keep formal recruitment in the back of your mind, and take any steps you need to prepare for your recruitment experience!

Letters of Recommendation

While these are not required at all schools, Letters of Recommendation definitely don’t hurt. It can seem overwhelming to try to secure a recommendation for every chapter on your college's campus, so do not worry about it. There are going to be some campuses or some chapters that don’t need recommendation letters. Our campus didn’t even do recommendation letters when I went through recruitment!

Be cognizant of the women you are asking to write you a letter. If you do not know them very well, they may not agree to write you one or if they do, you'll need to send them your resume with other credentials so they can fill out the form. If they send in a letter via postal service, offer to compensate them for their postage. I would also send out thank you notes to all the women that write you letters! They are going out of their way to write you a recommendation, so any thank you goes a very long way!


This is hands down one of the hardest parts of the planning process, or at least it was for me! I can definitely do another post on what to wear, if people really want it!

In my personal opinion, you should not buy new clothes specifically for recruitment,  because a) it isn’t really necessary and b) you’re looking for a chapter that loves you for YOU, not for your clothes, so wear things that you already own and love!! You want to be 100% comfortable during recruitment, because it is already long days and overwhelming, so your clothes should be a source of comfort for you, not stress! Just make sure to be mindful of the weather. When I went through recruitment, it snowed everyday and was under 32ºF during rounds, but I have friends who went through recruitment in 90ºF weather, so just make sure you’re comfortable for the weather on your campus!

The most important parts of the outfits for recruitment is to WEAR WHAT YOU WANT. Often, people will try to dress like the sorority they want based on what they think that sorority is looking for in a member. You need to wear what you feel comfortable in and you will find a chapter that accepts you for you, not for what you’re wearing! I personally stuck to pants and neutral tops and bright jewelry and neutral flats for my recruitment experience, just to keep myself comfortable! But if you like bright pink dresses and sky high heels, wear that!  It's all about what YOU want to represent yourself as and how to keep yourself calm, collected, and comfy!

Do some studying

The best thing to do before recruitment is to understand fully what sorority recruitment entails and the responsibilities of joining a chapter! Read your Panhellenic Council's website as it holds helpful information such as costs, calendar dates, and FAQ's. There are some campuses where you won’t be able to ask sisters about certain information, like exact costs of their dues, but you can most definitely find a range of costs on your campus if you can’t find the exact semesterly cost of each chapter. Before you go through recruitment, think hard and long about the financial responsibility you are taking on by joining a sorority, because your first set of dues will come up quickly after joining, so it’s good to be aware of that before you join! Definitely scan through your campus’ Panhellenic Council’s website before recruitment and never be afraid to ask your recruitment counselors questions!!

Another thing: It's completely normal to look at all the chapters at your school and their social media! It’s a great way to see how chapters keep an online presence and how they like to represent their sisterhood online- however, always keep in mind that chapters look beautiful and perfect on these websites, and it’s probably true that their sisterhood is so, so, so special to their sisters, but don’t necessarily join a chapter based on their social media presence.

The most important thing to keep in mind: Please do not go into recruitment with any preconceived notions about chapters. The best piece of advice I got before going through recruitment is to keep an open mind about every single chapter. If I hadn’t done that, I never would have joined my sorority, which was done through extension recruitment on our campus after formal recruitment ended. Keeping an open mind is the easiest way to go through the recruitment process and you’ll never know which chapter you like the most until you give each one a chance with a fully open mind!

Lots of hugs from Hotlanta,