Share and Care

I've found an awful lot of links online recently that I'm so in love with I couldn't help sharing! Here are some of my favorites-- share them with your friends/loved ones! 


Lowkey wanna test this one out on some first dates.... : 23 Questions to ask instead of "What do you do?"

Came across this one during a particularly rough patch- I adopted some of these habits, but not all!

Always up for finding more joy!

I'm still not a morning person (watch me writing this at 2am), but I'm trying to create a routine to get me excited for my mornings!

All about self-care ideas, especially for college students!

I love the Everygirl (check their website literally twice a day), and these are two of my favorite pieces by them: 1) being alone does not mean being lonely and 2) the importance of setting boundaries!

The importance of rituals and how to create your own

I'm looking forward to trying to make this lavender iced dirty chai! I'm a huge fan of lavender and dirty chais, so melding the two seems right up my alley. 

This is something I've personally grappled with in my dating life, so it was interesting to read about in such a big publication like Vogue!

Hope y'all loved these links- share any you loved this week in the comments below! 


Inhale, Exhale

Hey hi y'all!


For those that haven't gathered from this blog thus far, I'm a litttttle bit Type A. I say this while cringing because I hate admitting that. I'd love to say that I'm super spontaneous and *live life on the edge*, but let's be real here. I'm the type of person who likes to have control over a large portion of their life,  and this comes from also suffering from anxiety in some regards.

Some people tend to shy away from talking about mental health publicly, which I understand to a point, but I believe that talking about it openly and candidly allows others to learn from your experiences and become braver and bolder in their own regard.

Anyways, mental health soapbox aside, my tendency to be Type A often times leads me to want control in most aspects of my life and surely gets me caught up in the details. As the months progress and life simply happens and I go into my final year of college, many unexpected situations arise, and most of the time, they are completely out of my control. As more and more unexpected situations arise that I simply have no control over, this sort of Type A alarm in my head rings loud and clear, and I've found myself turning to different solutions to help learn to "cope" with any sort of momentary anxiety.

Thus far, the best solution I've found is meditation for in the moment solutions to feeling overwhelmed or a little bit helpless.  I've heard about headspace from just about everyone and their mother and was on the fence about trying it until my own mother told me how she uses it religiously, something that I didn't even know. I decided to give it a test and I've found that it calms me down so much that I've scheduled it (there's that type A personality again) into my schedule to do at least twice a day- once when I wake up, and once before I go to bed. I've found this really helps me because it lets me start my day with a clear and quiet mind and lets me go to sleep with a clear and quiet mind. I've also found that the more I do it, the more I'm able to meditate on my own without any guidance. For example, the other day, I was having a flutter of anxiety out of the blue while at dinner with some family friends and my family, and stepped out onto the porch to just meditate for 5-7 minutes and catch my breath and quiet my mind and it made a world of difference. Instead of sitting in the bathroom and crying and panicking, I was able to come back to the table and continue the dinner as if nothing had happened, because I felt completely fine. I've found that even just taking a few deep breaths and saying a few affirmations related to whatever it is that's bothering me really helps to just put me at ease and allow me to go back to "real life". 

How do you cope with momentary anxiety? 


*A Note: this is not sponsored by headspace, just my own thoughts about using it. They have a free version to use for basics, but you can choose to pay as a subscription for more packs, either one-time fee, monthly, or annually. 

Chin Up and Cheer Up - Things I Love

Hi y'all!

Hope everything is fabulous with you! It's ONE DAY until Spring Break for me, and Columbia is in the midst of midterms, so everyone is bogged down and a little bit on edge. I've been deliriously exhausted and burnt out all week, so I thought I'd sit down and take a second and talk about what makes me happy to cheer me up and to hopefully put a smile on your face too!

Things I love:

Country Music

I'm a Georgia girl, through and through, and there's nothing like some great country music to get me through the day (even though I'll give Bo Burnham credit for calling out country artists on being a little too fake sometimes). Hearing that sweet twang and songs about home always puts a smile on my face.

A clean bed

There's really nothing better than crawling into a bed with freshly washed sheets, especially after taking a shower. It's so cozy and yummy to feel so clean and comfy and just snuggle up in bed. It's one of the best feelings in the world.

Worn out sweatshirts

This past week, I've lived in sweatshirts. I can't be bothered to wear "real clothes" when I'm spending hours in the library. I've recently started wearing my coziest warm and worn out sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up to show the fleece on the inside and I love looking as cozy as I feel. 

Iced coffee

I'm the type of person who will get iced coffee year round. An example? It was 28 degrees yesterday and even while wearing my winter coat and scarf (and no gloves), I had an iced coffee in hand outside walking to the library. It's so hot inside to make up for the cold weather, that it makes it even better to sip on something cold. 

Car ride with the windows down

I don't think I love any feeling more than this. Driving around town, the radio up, the windows down, and sunlight streaming in is one of the best places to be for me. Add great company and it's perfection on earth. 

A free afternoon

Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays are my favorite days of the week right now because Mon/Wed, I'm out at 1pm for the day and Fridays are completely free. It's so nice to have hours on end to be able to do whatever you want or need to do and having no meetings in sight is an incredibly liberating feeling. 


Growing up in Georgia, it's completely normal to drive barefoot, walk around the house or yard barefoot, and generally stomp around with no shoes on. I got used to it growing up and now I'm always happy to walk around barefoot. I especially love walking around freshly cut grass during the summer with no shoes, or the beach! 

Fresh flowers

I recently picked up some super pretty roses and baby's breath for my room and having fresh flowers in my room was such a nice addition to my desk! It was great to look over and just see some little color and happiness on my desk whenever I wanted.


I love planning. I'm a Type A person, for the most part, so lists and organization and all of that stuff is totally up my alley. I have three or so separate planners to keep my life together and it's so satisfying to feel organized and on top of everything. 

I hope y'all enjoyed hearing about things that put a smile on my face. What cheers you up?