Fall Skincare Routine with Clarisonic

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Welcome back to the blog- it’s been a rough few weeks with midterms, but ya girl is back and ready to roll! Happy almost November and most importantly, happy fall! It finally feels like fall here in New York, and I am so so so happy about it!

I’m here today to share with you my little Fall Skincare Routine with Clarisonic, who has generously provided me with some of their products to review for y’all! 

So I figured I’d go through my whole skin care routine with you and then share my thoughts about the Clarisonic Mia that I used and the other products as well. 

So my first step in my skincare routine is to remove all my makeup- I use this Garnier All-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water most of the time, or if I’m really exhausted, I’ll use the Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes. 

Next, I’ll use my Mia 1 Device with the Acne Brush Head. I also have the Radiance Brush Head and the Deep Pore Brush Head, but I’ve been using the Acne one for almost a month now and it’s really helped! I use the Mia 1 with the Clarisonic Pore & Blemish Gel Cleanser and it’s made a massive difference in my skin. I’ve found that some blemish reducing cleansers tend to smell clinical (Clean and Clear’s used to just make my nose crinkle up every time I used it) and too chemical, but Clarisonic’s is really neutral and clean and smells just simple and natural. 

After using the Clarisonic Mia and Cleanser, I move on just washing my face with my hands a second time with my fresh soy face cleanser. I feel like the Mia and Clarisonic Cleanser really get the dirt out of my pores, but the fresh cleanser helps to make my skin feel clean and happy and soft in a different way! Sometimes I’ll use the Clarisonic Cleanser in the evening and follow it up with the fresh cleanser in the morning the next day. 

After this, I’ll follow up with the Glossier Super Kit, which include their three Super serums; Super Glow, Super Bounce, and Super Pure. I love all three of these but really heavily rely on Bounce and Glow the most. My skin is already pretty clear so I save Super Pure for stress related breakouts. 


After my Glossier Super kit, I use my Mario Badescu Facial Spray. Y’all- this stuff smells like roses and sunshine and refreshing happiness and is the first thing to touch my face in the morning after I splash my face with water and the second thing to last thing to touch my face before bed. It’s absolutely angelic. 


Lastly, I use the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream as my moisturizer. This keeps my skin soft and supple when it’s freezing cold and windy and dry as all hell out. It’s done wonders in this weird summer-fall weather and really kept my skin nice and soft. 

That’s my whole skincare routine in full, and I’d love to talk more about my experience with Clarisonic as well. 

I was sent the Clarisonic Mia 1 Device along with the three brush heads mentioned earlier and the Clarisonic Pore & Blemish Cleanser as well, all by Clarisonic for review! I had really clear skin to start, but I really just absolutely loved using the Mia as part of my skin routine. It really helped even out my skin’s texture, and it did reduce the appearance of blemishes as well. The one thing I noticed was that the Mia was completely different than exfoliating devices I had used in the past- mostly because I found out that the Clarisonic devices don’t actually exfoliate. They sonic cleanse- which hey, sounds like a pretty great way to get your day started. 

I also really loved having my Mia to use in the shower (yep, it’s waterproof!!) and first thing in the morning- it made me feel like I was really cleaning my skin and like I was waking up properly. It was also helpful on my extra tired mornings (lookin’ at you, Monday mornings!!), that the Clarisonic has an automatic shut off after one minute, because I could have fallen asleep at the bathroom sink with it on for hours otherwise. I also really appreciated that using the Mia was super cleansing but also gentle enough that I can use it twice in one day. I like to wash my face twice a day, so having that option without ruining my skin texture is a huuuuge plus. 

I also decided to pair the Pore and Blemish Cleanser with the Acne Brush head because I have particularly sensitive skin and because I’ve noticed that my skin is more oily in certain areas- both the Cleanser and the Acne Brush are made for more sensitive and oily skin types, and I noticed a massive difference in using this two pieces together! 

I hope you enjoyed my little post about how I keep my skin clear in the weirdest weather (hi 80º fall weather, I’m talking to you!), and how I liked getting to use the Clarisonic products! I have two little exciting tidbits for y’all as well, if I convinced you to go get your own Mia or other Clarisonic product!

  1. Since I’m a HerCampus Influencer, they gave me a **special** code for you:  15% off all devices featured at http://www.clarisonic.com/hercampusinfluencer using the code HERCAMPUS
  2. Clarisonic also offers monthly payment plans upon credit approval, if that’s something you’re interested in! See terms here for details. 

I hope y’all have a fabuuuulous Halloween and a great start to November! 

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Clarisonic and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own

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