Junior Year Dorm Room Tour

Hi hi y'all! Happy Thursday! It's a great week this week, as warmer weather has creeped back into the city, and the sun has been shining all over campus. I wanted to share my junior year dorm room with you before the semester rushes to an end and everything looks like a tornado hit it. I'm currently living in a double in a senior suite, in an RA suite and I wouldn't change anything about my suite. Two of my best friends live two and three doors down from me and having them right there is so important to me. Without further ado, here's a little picture tour of where you can find me on any given evening! 

This is my safest space, aka my bed, my favorite place on earth. My tapestry is from The Elephant Pants (they don't sell them anymore), my bedding and curtains from Bed, Bath and Beyond (so #college), and my bed is finished off with a handmade quilt from my momma!

Details on the side of my desk: snarky postcards from the Strand, one of my favorite places in the city!

My delightfully busy desk, covered in all my trinkets, books, crafts and studying needs. 

My mini-photo wall from Artifact Uprising and my makeup station!

A closer look at my makeup spot!

A closer look at my makeup spot!

My mega-photo wall from Artifact Uprising- I love being able to look up at all the people and places I love without having to leave my bed. 

Details along my desk- playbills from the shows I've seen in the past two years (minus Hamilton!) and my lanyard from Gamma Phi Beta's Convention this summer. 

Accessory storage and photo spot, when our door is open, this is just behind the door. 

A close up of where I work at my desk- I still need to fill my frames, and I'm still being a little lazy about that, but everything else is pretty much all set up!


Details of my top shelves- lots of canvases, books, frames, and pictures! 

Hope y'all enjoyed this mini tour of my room! I loved putting together my room and it's probably my favorite space on campus, so I love getting to share it with you!