Little Big Life Changes

Hi cuties!

Photo by Sharon Wu Photography

Photo by Sharon Wu Photography

Summer is treating me well, how’s it treating you? I’ve been home in Atlanta all summer, really getting to soak up time with my "home" friends and my family and it has been perfect and really feels like it was everything I needed.

I've been very open on the blog about how college ran me into the ground (I really should write a post on what I regret from college, including running myself into the ground), and being home all summer and just relaxing as much as I can has been really restorative for me. I’m someone who feels a need to always be going somewhere or doing something, so being home with the chance to just relax with no big responsibilities has been a wonderful break from four years of constantly going, going, going.

However, it’s been weird since graduating college. You know how sometimes you have a super exciting event or day planned in your life and as you get closer to the event and then it happens, you suddenly don’t know what to do with yourself after all the build-up? That’s how it felt after graduating college. (I was lucky enough to come from a community where going to college is a given. It’s not a question of if or when you go to college, but where you choose to go. I realize this isn’t the case for a lot of people, so I recognize this is a special chance for me.) So, it sort of felt like after I graduated college, I had done everything that was expected of me in my life and had been laid out for me, and now it was finally up to me to choose what was next. And after finishing twenty-ish years of education, I just wanted to sleep for three years.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I got home from college, and definitely spent the first bit of summer relaxing partially, but also panicking for approximately a month and a half over not having a job yet. While not everyone that graduated with me had a job when they graduated, it sure felt like everyone did. I felt like I was behind in life by not walking out of school with both a college diploma and a job offer in hand, and I felt like I had been working so hard for nothing. I had a college degree, sure, but where was my impressive NYC big shot job that got me excited for every day in the office and paid me like a superstar? I felt like everyone around me was really kicking ass and taking names in the job hunt and like I was sitting on my butt looking dumb and doing nothing. This got to me and I spent most waking hours during late May and June and early July looking for jobs obsessively. It definitely sucked the energy out of me and I really felt like I was a failure when I would go weeks without hearing anything back from places I applied to, and it ate away at me.

And then, about 6 pm the night before my birthday, I got a job offer! It was a public health-related two-year fellowship that I had applied for back in January and had some follow up with during the spring. But, after months of crickets and no response, I had assumed I would never hear back from. I had a few days to give them my answer, and I ended up accepting less than 24 hours later. The biggest downside? It was back in New York.

When I graduated college, I was dead set on moving home to Atlanta. Like ready to burn bridges and set down permanent roots in Atlanta. So when I got this dream offer and found out it was in New York, I was pretty crushed at first. However, after talking to people who work at the office I was hired and talking to my close friends that lived both in New York and Atlanta, and of course my family, I felt like I would immensely regret not taking the position, and I knew that of all the places I could go to (other than Atlanta), New York was the best option for me. Many of my friends from college are still there, and all of my extended family is there. I have a support system unlike any other, and I know the city like the back of my hand.

So all this to say, I was expecting to graduate college with a job offer in hand and to move back to Atlanta for a few years to figure out my shit before grad school. Turns out, I graduated college with a little less excitement and a whole lot more anxiety than I expected, but...  I got my dream job within two months of graduating, and I’ll be back in New York for two years living my public health dream! I’m pretty excited for the next adventure of living in New York as a “real adult” and getting to experience life as a post-grad in and around the city.

Can’t wait to bring you along on my adventures!