Honesty is the best policy

Hey y’all!

Hope your summers have been absolutely fantastic! I’m currently sitting on my best friend’s bed listening to Maren Morris, and it’s basically what I’ve been doing all summer. Well… not completely. This has been a summer full of transition, as to be expected after graduating college.

I wanted to jump on here and be honest about why I’ve been gone from the blog. After the past couple posts, school and graduation requirements got the best of me, and I let the blog fall to the wayside. I wanted to focus on graduating and getting that big hurdle out of the way.

Once graduation came and went (approximately three months ago… whoops!), I decided to sit down and think a little harder about where I wanted Molly Em to go. I’ve felt like this blog has been a little bit honest, but mostly frilly and filled with pretty fluff content, which frustrates me. I created this blog as a place to be honest, and I didn’t really stick to that. Not that it was a sense of lying on the blog, but more leaving out conversations that are important and interesting! I didn’t write posts that were interesting to me, that filled me with a passion or made me excited, because those posts frankly take a lot of energy. I stuck to easy posts because it’s what I could manage on top of school and everything else going on in college. Now that college is done and behind me, and I finally have a semblance of free time (and plenty of it this summer), I’m back. I put off writing this posts and starting to write again for months because of a fear of failure and disappointing y’all. But the truth is, I miss writing and I enjoy writing, so I just decided to jump back into the blog and start writing what’s on my heart.

I have plenty of good ideas for the blog, so here’s to implementing them for you to enjoy! As always, please send any and all suggestions you have to my email, or comment them below.

Lots of hugs and love to y’all.