March Highlights

 Hi friends!

Hope you had a splendid weekend! I spent the weekend at home, soaking up Georgia goodness, and really taking the weekend to just hang out with my parents. This ended up being a last minute trip down here and none of my friends were free much at all (save for a taco lunch with my bestie, Corinne!!), so I got a lot of quality time with my parents and it was exactly what I needed.

After having a really good weekend, I thought I’d share some of my highlights from March, of the best parts of the month and what made me extra happy!


Feeling really proud of where I am

As a college senior, EVERYTHING is in flux- don’t know where I’m off to next (well…didn’t until March), and still unemployed (that’s still the case!), and it’s all very up in the air. The only thing that’s really confirmed is graduation (fingers crossed) and after that… I don’t know. I described it to my therapist as “a giant precipice and I’m just gonna fall off the face of the earth after”… so if that doesn’t explain how I’m feeling… I don’t know what will. All this to say, March was a point in my life where I solidified more to myself where my passion lies and where exactly I’d like to take my career in the future (not this year, but with graduate school and more distant future plans). It was so so SO gratifying to feel like the work of the past four years has been towards something that makes my heart soar, and wake up and realize how much my education has pushed me into being a strong, intelligent, and driven woman.

Getting to see my parents a lot

March was a family heavy month with the death of my grandfather, but on the bright side, I really got to see my parents a lot (more weekends than not actually!). Of the 31 days in March, I think I saw my parents 14 or 15 days, which is pretty unheard of for someone that goes to school in a different state than their parents! I’m very close with both my mom and dad and so getting to spend so much time with them, while in this transitory time in my life was really nice. I’m really glad that in March in particular, which was a rough month for me and my family, we got so much time together.

Spending a lot of time with my friends

I spend a lot of time away from school, particularly on the weekends when most of my friends are free. However in March, despite not spending more than a weekend in the city, I got a lot of face time with some of my friends, and in particular, two or three friends that continually lift me up and make me feel like I’m hanging out with a ray of sunshine. I have always been confident in my college friendships and the people I choose to spend time with now, but even more so after this month!  

Putting myself first

I’ve been really bad about self-care in my life- I either overdo it and end up feeling indulgent and lazy or don’t give myself enough and feel like I’m running into the ground. I feel like in March, and now into April, I’ve struck the perfect balance. I spend enough time “forcing” myself out into the world to do things that I KNOW will make me feel better, and enough time focusing on self-awareness (through a lot of therapy), and I’ve gotten better about taking care of both my introverted and extroverted tendencies.

My mental health journey

This time last year, I had to take a week off of school because of mental health problems. I had a panic attack every time I tried to convince myself to go to back to school, and I spent a lot of that week scheduling make-up midterms, meeting with college deans, and etc. It was a really overwhelming point in my life where I sort of woke up and realized I couldn’t handle everything I had put on my plate. I felt sort of shaky and not ready for the rest of the semester, but passed and did so with pretty good/okay grades. It was a rough end to the semester, but I did it. Now looking at myself a year later, I feel so much more comfortable with myself, the way I spend my time, and where I am in my college career. I feel like I’m better at juggling things, mostly because I have less to juggle in the first place. March was sort of an “anniversary” or marker of one year later, and it was pretty poignant to look back and see the growth over the last year.

I hope you all enjoyed getting to hear about some of my highlights of March- what were yours?