My Nightly Routine

Hey friends! 

Happpppy Sunday! 

Hope everyone's summery sunday is wonderful and sunshiney! After yesterday's post about my morning routine, I figured I'd share my nightly routine today. It's similar to my morning routine, but almost in the reverse order. Hope you enjoy! 


1. Set my alarm on my phone and put my phone aside. 

I'll just set my alarm for the next day and put my phone to charge for a bit while I do the rest of my routine. I'm trying to avoid the amount of time I even look at my phone, so this is a conscious effort towards that goal.

2. Declutter room. 

I'm the type of person who has "the chair" that they just throw things on and pile things on. At the end of the day, I like to clean up my pile of clothes from the day and put my little trinkets away and get myself all ready for a new day with a cleaner room. 

3. Brush teeth/wash face. 

At this point, I'll change into my pajamas, head to my bathroom and get myself all clean and ready for bed. I'll just brush my teeth and wash my face and take my contacts out and head back to my room for the night. 

4. Pick out clothes. 

I've been doing this since I was tiny. I don't know why, but for me, it's so much easier to have an outfit picked out for the day the night before and not have to think about it in the morning. I'll just lay it out on my futon in my room so in the morning I can just throw it on and go! 

5. Stretch. 

I like to crack allll my knuckles and muscles before getting into bed (is it only super satisfying for me??) and give myself a nice big stretch before going to sleep. I got this from my sister, who stretches every night before bed, so I decided to copy her and pick up on a habit or two of hers. 

6. Record Daily Gratitude. 

I keep a log in my journal of every day's sleep log and something I'm grateful for every day. I've found that recognizing what it is in life that gives you light and joy will help you give back to the world with more positivity! I'll also add this into my planner. 

7. Make final to-do's. 

If there's anything I forgot to do today, I'll write it in my planner on my to-do list to migrate over to tomorrow's list. 

8. Journal. 

I'll sit down in bed and just write about my day and what's on my mind. I try to journal for 5-15 minutes every day, but sometimes I'll write for longer or not as long. Depends on my mood and what's on my mind, but I've found that getting my feelings out on paper does a world of good for me. 

9. Drink water.

Next I'll take any medication I need to- whether it's Advil for a headache, or Zyrtec to help me deal with the ATL pollen. I'll then drink about half a bottle of water and turn off my light. 

10. Meditate. 

This is the last thing I do for the day because I often fall asleep during a meditation session. I'll do a Basics pack or an Unwind single from Headspace and I'll usually drift right off during the first five minutes. 


I hope y'all enjoyed hearing about what I do to help make sure I have the most relaxing end of each day. What do y'all do before bed?