My Morning Routine

Hey y'all! 

I hope y'all are having a FAB weekend! I was feeling particularly inspired by yesterday's post, so I figured I'd talk a little bit today about some changes and focuses I've made in terms of "intentional living" (I feel incredibly basic and just blllehh saying that, so give me a couple days to come up with some witty term for it instead). One of the things I've been working on implementing over the past week or so is a morning routine. I'm going to share with you today what my morning routine looks like, and tomorrow I'll show you my nightly routine! 

Hope y'all enjoy. 

1. Turn off alarm.

First thing I do when I wake up is turn off whatever alarm it is that wakes me up (usually it's the third one of the morning...). I used to sleep with my phone by my side, and now I try to put it on the other side of the room, or far enough away that I have to sit up or get up to turn it off. 

2. Drink Water. 

For everyone that knows me well, I'm constantly dehydrated. I hate the taste of plain water and I'm awful about making myself drink it. I usually get headaches from my dehydration and that often screws with my daily plans, so I'm forcing myself to drink a full glass of water whenever I wake up to start the day off right. 

3. Splash my face.

I have a bathroom that's down the hall from my room, both at school and at home, so I have to exit my niiiice warm bed and my niiiice calm room to get up in the morning and do what I need to do. I try to keep the awake vibe going, so I splash water on my face, pop my retainer out (it's gross, but I'm already on my second one since I got my braces off....), brush my teeth, and wash my face. This way I've aggressively woken myself up after getting out of bed. 

4. Make my bed. 

I only really make my bed at school because the bed is the largest part of my room at school. At home, this isn't the case, but the clutter of an unmade bed is really starting to bother me, so I try to make my bed as often as possible now, or at least make it part of my routine. 

5. Stretch. 

For some of my closest friends and family, they joke that I have the body of a 90 year old. I'm always complaining about my back and shoulders bugging me, so I've tried to implement some niiiiice big stretches into my routine in the morning. This way, when I get up, I can stretch my body to the fullest so every part of me is awake (not just my face). 

6. Meditate. 

I've made it a very conscious goal of mine to meditate at least twice a day. I've found it does wonders for my anxiety and my stress and helps me fall asleep super quickly. In the morning, I try to do more upbeat meditations with a purpose (like Headspace's Self Esteem or Creativity pack). This way I have a niiiice little calm start to my day and a boost of productivity from getting a 10 minute meditation session in before anything else. 

7. Look over my journal.

I keep a journal right next to my bed, and I try to write in it every night before I go to sleep just to get my thoughts out on paper. I also will sometimes write my weird half awake dreams or notes (right before I fall asleep) in there. I like to read over it in the morning to see how I was feeling the night before, how I can improve the next day, and what was on my mind that needs to carry over. 

8. Look over my planner. 

Next, I look over my planner. I just got a Day Designer (about a week ago), and I've filled it to the brim with my dates for the semester and such. However, the best part about the Day Designer is your top three goals for the day and your daily gratitude. I like to check my gratitude from the day before, look at any to-dos I need to migrate over to today, and then set my top three goals for the day. 

9. Set goals for the day. 

I do this both in my planner, and in my journal, and sometimes in my phone. I like to set some tangible goals for every day, whether it's something that needs to get done like setting up doctor's appointments, or whether it's something like "make sure to give yourself time to rest". I have every day goals I like to meet, like reading for 10 minutes, or meditating twice a day, but these goals are usually specific to the day of. 

10. Migrate plans and to-do's to phone. 

This is the first time I'll reach for my phone in the morning. I noticed that I would often wake up to a barrage of texts or social media notifications and would respond to them before even brushing my teeth. I've set a goal for myself to not check my phone until at least 30 mins after I wake up, and now I try not even to check my notifications until after I put my tasks and to-do's for the day into my Calendar app. 

11. Check notifications. 

Now I'll finally look at anything I missed over the night. Usually there's not much since I turned my notifications off for Instagram and Facebook a while ago. I mostly check to see if any influencers posted anything particularly worthwhile in a different time zone, but often there's not much from the night before. 

12. Respond. 

I usually wake up to 1-3 texts from a friend or family member or someone, so I'll answer these texts once I get downstairs and have some coffee, or at least once I've finished my morning routine. I'll also check my work and Gamma Phi email and answer those of highest importance that take the least time first, and otherwise leave it until when I'm more awake. 

There you have it! That's my morning routine in full. Without getting dressed or getting ready, before I even put coffee in my system or eat breakfast, this is everything I do from the moment I wake up until I head downstairs. It takes about 30-45 minutes in total, and it's a wonderful way to set the tone for the upcoming day.