what blogging means to me

Hey hey friends!


Hope your summer is lowkey, exciting, sunny, warm, and happy, now that it’s officially summer.

I wanted to put out a little post today after taking such a long hiatus from writing on her to talk about what blogging actually is to me and how I want to refocus my own terms of blogging. I started this blog two years ago as my own way of practicing my writing, forming my own opinions, and working on sharing what I thought with the world. What followed was a less than passionate attempt at that and more of a following in the footsteps of every “lifestyle” blogger I read. I wasn’t forming my own opinions, I wasn’t truly sharing my own thoughts, and I was writing for a very small subset of the population of the world (and even a small subset of the communities I’m part of). I felt unmotivated, because I didn’t really believe in what I was writing. There were great connections that came from this type of blogging and the amount of sponsored opportunities I got to be involved in were great! However, sponsored posts and “free things” from blogging are not the reasons that I started this blog. I started it because I’m passionate about what I think, I love writing, and I figured I’d give the concept of sharing my own ideas with the world, a valiant try. A lot of people have asked me what I would suggest for them in terms of starting a blog, and my only suggestion is: only do it if it’s what you love. Don’t write if you’re not motivated. Don’t do it for blog partnerships and commisioned posts. Don’t do it for the compliments. Do it to share your opinion because you want to start a conversation or continue a conversation that means something to you. There are enough “lifestyle bloggers” in the world that don’t write about substance, we don’t need more. Write about something you’re passionate about. If it’s makeup or fashion or something that others stereotype as “superficial”, but it means something to you, WRITE ABOUT IT. If your passion is there, it’ll shine through. If you want to write about sports, go for gold! If your heart is in creative writing, write on! If you want to write about social justice, intersectional feminism, and things that you believe matter, start a conversation with your own words. Don’t just blog for the sake of blogging.

Hope y’all like the spark that’s been lit here in this post, and the new take on my blog. I’m excited to have meaningful conversations here.

Keep it passionate, y’all.