Share and Care

I've found an awful lot of links online recently that I'm so in love with I couldn't help sharing! Here are some of my favorites-- share them with your friends/loved ones! 


Lowkey wanna test this one out on some first dates.... : 23 Questions to ask instead of "What do you do?"

Came across this one during a particularly rough patch- I adopted some of these habits, but not all!

Always up for finding more joy!

I'm still not a morning person (watch me writing this at 2am), but I'm trying to create a routine to get me excited for my mornings!

All about self-care ideas, especially for college students!

I love the Everygirl (check their website literally twice a day), and these are two of my favorite pieces by them: 1) being alone does not mean being lonely and 2) the importance of setting boundaries!

The importance of rituals and how to create your own

I'm looking forward to trying to make this lavender iced dirty chai! I'm a huge fan of lavender and dirty chais, so melding the two seems right up my alley. 

This is something I've personally grappled with in my dating life, so it was interesting to read about in such a big publication like Vogue!

Hope y'all loved these links- share any you loved this week in the comments below!