Problems in the Blogosphere

One thing that I’ve come across in my time as a blogger is the inaccessibility and exclusivity of bloggers. I think that especially in the bloggers who are more popular and have more readers (like I’m talking thousands or hundreds of thousands of readers), there’s not really a lot of diversity, nor a lot of ability to connect with those writing the blogs. 



I was having a conversation recently, with a cousin of mine who works in fashion about what I wished I could find in the blogging world, and who came closest to my ideal blogger. In the blogging world, I look for three main things- 

  1. A writing style/voice that I can easily relate to. 
  2. A focus on affordable products— I’m a college student. I can’t afford Gucci. 
  3. Values that I believe in. I’m sorry but I cannot follow a blogger whose values demean others, and I’ve unfollowed people I followed for years because they got preachy about politics in a way that made me deeply uncomfortable. 

For me, the blogger that’s come the closest to this is Carly from the College Prepster, and the secondary blog that I’ve found the most relatable is the Everygirl. Both of these blogs/platforms are relatable, uphold strong values of uplifting women and society, and aren’t ridiculous in terms of the price of products they work with on their blog.

I think the blogging world has a helluva lot of room to grow, and I think that encouraging more and more people (like men! or non-binary folks!) to blog and get their voices out there is critical to advancing the blogging world. I started my blog because I wasn’t seeing what I agreed with and believed on the internet. That’s why I started writing, and I hope that other people start writing because they want to see and create better representation online!