Resting in a Culture of Busy

I’ve come across a couple articles in the past week that have really resonated with me, and both are on embracing rest in a culture of busy. (see them both here and here!)

As someone that goes to school at a university that is a pressure cooker of stress and competition and as someone who lives in a city that always has something going on, it can feel particularly indulgent (and not in a good way) and guilt-inducing to just want to rest. I feel like I need to soak up everything the city has to offer and that I should always be twenty steps ahead of the game in terms of my work. 

It feels like there’s always something going on around campus or around the city, and there’s always more work I could be doing, but there are times where all I want to do is curl up in my bed with a book and some tea and hang out alone. Or watch tv and be mindless. Or escape everything and just go laze around with a friend in a park and do nothing. It feels so wonderful to be free of the “I have to’s” or the “we should do’s” of life and just connect with yourself or maybe just one other person. I’m a major extrovert, but this is the first year of my life that I’ve loved spending time alone. I’ve started to really enjoy time alone to read, rest, recharge or do whatever I need, and I’ve seen my mental state shift a lot. 

Even in a culture of busy or a culture in which stress and success are two major factors, rest is sometimes the antidote to everything going on in life. There’s certainly nothing wrong with resting when you get a chance, but there’s also nothing wrong with making time to rest too. Sometimes you need to close the door and get away from everything and sometimes you just need to be with yourself and recharge. 

Someone once told me that you cannot pour from an empty cup- so if you’re feeling depleted, don’t run on empty. Take your time to fill your cup however you need to, and then move along as you see fit. 

Rest, nap, read, lounge, laze, run, just do what you need to recharge!