I have no clue what my future holds- and why that's fine.

So as a senior in college, the most common question I get is “So…. what are you doing after graduation?”. I know when people ask this, they mean well and it comes from a point of curiosity. However, I’ll guarantee you that a large portion of seniors are seeing this in their head: 



I’m going to be flat out. I have NO clue what I’m doing after graduation. I don’t even know what city I might live in. 

I don’t know where I’m working, what field I want to work in, or what city I’d even like to live in. 

For a lot of people, they find a job that does one of two things- either make them money, or help them follow a passion. For some lucky ones, they might find a job that intersects, but for a lot of students, it’s one or the other. 

For me, I’d love to go into non-profit work, especially around female/young girl empowerment. I’d also love to go into work at a sex-tech company, or a dating app company. I’d love to work in a female-owned and a female empowered company. However, if I want to stay in New York, I’d also like to make a high enough salary to stay afloat. Unfortunately, non-profit work, and a lot of other work I’m interested in isn’t exactly the highest paid job. 

So another possibility is taking a job that I would still enjoy, but maybe isn’t exactly on par with my end goal. For example, I’m still passionate about blogging and writing, and I’m interested in beauty and fashion! I could take my knowledge with marketing and public relations and communications from my past internships and extracurriculars and this blog and apply it to a job and still enjoy it! 

So these are two tracks I could take in terms of post-grad plans. I could stay in the city, move back to Atlanta, or go literally anywhere else in the world. I haven’t gotten that far, and I’ve been applying everywhere as of right now. I’m not really letting location tie me down and I’m trying to find as many jobs as possible that I can see myself truly loving in the future. 

But for right now? I'm applying to jobs. I'm constantly on the search. I'm always trying to network. But I'm also trying to enjoy my senior year, and what could be my last year in the city! The future is something to think about and keep in mind, but it's also on the horizon (start playing Moana now, y'all), so I'm not quite ready to jump headfirst into constantly worrying about it. I'm trying to soak in the college memories :') and enjoy my friends and surroundings first and foremost. It's not every day that you're 21 in the biggest city around. 

I’ll keep you posted on the job search, but for now, if you see me around, just ask how senior year is- I probably won’t have a clue on what I’m doing come June 2018 for a while.