Change = Good

I think the single biggest compliment I get when I go home on breaks is: WOW, you've changed so much since high school! Some people might be sitting here like... wait what? why is that a compliment?This is a compliment for me because it means I'm adaptable, I've grown, and I have matured since turning 18. YAY ME. 

I know that for a lot of people, change is really scary, and changes within your own personality can be even scarier. If you've been a certain way for such a long time, why change it?! 


Well here's my reasoning.... I didn't really like myself in high school.. and I don't think very many people did either. I was super insecure and man, did it SHOW. I was so clingy to my friends and any possibility of a significant other, and I was always on edge about my neuroses. Something about going to the same school, with the same people for 7 years just made me a nervous wreck. 

Going off to college was the first time I saw independence as something good, but my biggest shift didn't even happen in my freshman year. I'd say I see a big shift every year, just in a different way. Going into freshman year, I let a lot of insecurities and worries fade. Going into sophomore year, I started chasing after leadership positions, something that was foreign to me. Going into junior year, I started really focusing on my friendships. Now in senior year, I've focused on intentional living, and putting myself first. Each of this shifts has been transformational in my day to day life and my interactions with people from home and people from school. Those who've known me since freshman year can see the difference clearly, and even more so for the people from home. 

I don't believe it's fair to be scared of change- there's a lot that can be gained in the uncertain, and it's certainly perfectly great to be unapologetic for how you've grown. I encourage you to see how you can shift, change and grow into a more developed and focused you!