Links to Love

Hey hey y'all! Hope your weeks are going smashingly! I thought I'd just share some cute and helpful finds from around the web- what cool links have you found recently? 

  • Obsessed with @rosielondoner 's Instagram game
  • Some of us, cough cough me, are a little more into online shopping than others. Here's how to up your game.
  • I love being lazy, but I'm starting to like working out. Here's some tips for if you're just like me. 
  • I'm big on giving gifts and I love Vandi Fair's tips on how to be the best gift giver ever!
  • I'm trying to find new books for the summer and I think I've found some good options here
  • All about downloading new apps and here are some I want to take a look at! 
  • Recently, I had to make the switch from Sunrise Calendar to Google Calendar and these are some of the tips I've found to make the switch easier! 

Hope y'all have a great rest of your week- send me any fun links you find!