Plan with Me: How I use my Agenda!

Hey hey y'all! With summer almost halfway done (wait, what? I didn't say that), and my productivity levels surprisingly increasing, I got my hands on my planner for next year, which is the Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo planner in Island Time! Y'all I've used Lilly planners before and time and time again, they blow me away. I'm a little obsessed. But enough about my love for Lilly, let's jump in and see how this thing works and how I like to use it. 

So when you first open the planner, there's a nice little pocket page, which if you're anything like me and save everything given to you, this is incredibly helpful. If you flip to the next page, there's two pages of stickers (which HALLELUUUYAH I love stickers, as you can tell by the fact that I've already used some). 

After the stickers pages, I stuck in Erin Condren's budget book, which everyone knows I need. I'm still in the process of learning the best way to save money, so I'm trying to be more cognizant of where my moolah goes! 

Next up, the dates to celebrate- on the yearly pages for 2017/2018, I went ahead and circled all the days that are important days for me - mostly friends' and family members' birthdays. On the dates to celebrate page, I go ahead and fill all the dates that I know off the top of my head out, and then I go back and add any I missed. I'll usually add more in throughout the year as I learn more important dates! 

Next is the monthly view! I picked December because most of my earlier months are full of a whole lot of nothing as of now and also because why not? I color code my planner with Gamma Phi related events in bright pink, birthdays in turquoise, school in orange, and important dates in dark blue! 

I would show you the weekly view but I have about zero amounts of anything going on there, so what's the point?! 

Some ways I personalize my planner more are by adding more planner accessories. I ordered this pen holder , these Coil Clip connectors (to stick things in my planner, like the budget book mentioned earlier!), and these snap in sticky notes all from Erin Condren! I'm planning on getting these corner pockets, these storage pockets, and this sticker book next! 

Once I figure out a way to hold multiple papers on a clip (i.e a mini folder), I'm going to use my Coil Clips to clip in my favorite daily handouts from Day Designer. These help me on a day to day basis organize my every hour. 

Hope y'all enjoyed a glimpse into how I use my planner! I'll update y'all on how this system works for me throughout the school year! How do you plan ahead? 


Check out some of my planner faves below!