Favorite Five

Hey hey y'all! Hope your weeks are going splendidly- it's finally July! 

Just wanted to check in on this lovely beginning of a summer week and share five things that have brought me joy recently! 

1) More time around nature! I've been spending a lot more time around nature and it's been ridiculously refreshing, even though the South has been providing plenty of stifling heat. I've been trying to take my time outdoors in doses and carry around tons of water with me too! Below are two GORGEOUS places I came across recently, the first being Drummond Park in North Florida, by Fernandina Beach, and the second actually being a little perch under a tree at a highway rest stop. Any idea what kind of tree this is? I have no clue! 

2) Something that's been cheering me up lately is tacos!! I'm a fan of more Latin cuisines like Mexican or Cuban, and I've been able to eat so much of my favorite dishes since coming home for the summer. I'm averaging two Mexican cuisine meals a week and at least two Cuban meals a month, so my belly is pretty happy. Recently, my family tried our hands at homemade shrimp tacos with pineapple peach salsa, guac, beans and cheese and these were so dang good, I may have stolen the last two. 

3) I've loved spending days by the pool this summer. I've gotten really into just sitting with my feet or legs in the water and reading a book on the side of the pool. It's a great way to cool off and get your summer reading in! I'm currently reading The Power of Habit  by Charles Duhigg and it's completely engrossing. It's such an interesting look into why we do what we do. 

4) This is partially sad, but all of Victoria's Secret swimwear being on sale (since it's been discontinued) has definitely made my wallet happy! I picked up this bikini (I think it's the Angel Convertible top and Knockout Bikini bottom, both in Blue Boho Paisley Foil) and it's SO CUTE ON. The blue shades look amazing with a tan and VS really knows how to make their bikinis. Also RUN to their website now for the semi-annual sale- this bikini is even cheaper than when I got mine, so I'll be a little jealous too. 

5) I don't know if I'm on a kick because I bought new workout clothes, or if shockingly enough, I'm starting to enjoy working out!? Either way, I've been living in these Athleta leggings and tank and really can't stop wearing it (even hours after I've worked out -ew- or on days I don't work out). It's a ridiculously comfy outfit and I can't get over the print of these leggings (also look at these, these, and these, which are now ALL on my wishlist). I've linked my leggings here and my tank here, but see some of my other workout clothing picks below! 

Hope your weekends went splendidly! If you celebrated Fourth of July, I hope it was lovely and if you didn't celebrate it, I hope your weekend was also lovely and everything you wanted it to be! 

Lots of love from lil' ole me,