Let's get reaL: Talking about anxiety

Everyone has those moments when everything is so overwhelming that it genuinely feels like you can't hold it all together. AND THAT'S OKAY. 

What's not okay is feeling like you can't talk about it. 

You, just as much as anyone else, have a right to feel any feelings you're feeling, and you have a right to talk to people and get help- whether that means professional help or sitting down with a friend and talking your troubles out. 

I'm someone who used to get anxious a lot. And I'm not talking "I'm nervous for a test" anxious- I mean not wanting to do anything or feel like you can function anxiety. The kind where it grips you so tight you don't remember what it feels like to not be anxious. That's changed. Yes, I still get that way at times, but for the most part, my anxious feelings are much more low key, hidden behind stress. 

When you feel anxious, it's a serious road block. Whether it's for an hour, a day or 2 weeks or longer, it can seriously impede your functioning. Now, the question a lot of people bring up is "how normal is this?". That question itself is anxiety inducing. When you're in college (I'm just focusing on that because that's where I am in my life right now, but I know all parts of life can be scary and nervewracking!), it's easy to focus on the small things. You miss a class, you fail a test, a boy or girl doesn't text you back, or your friends are being passive aggressive. I understand 1000% . I've been there all too often.  But for real, take a moment for yourself. If you need a day to focus on yourself, take one. Missing a day of classes to make sure you're calm and settled and OKAY is so much more important than whatever is on the syllabus. 

I've always been open about talking about my struggles with anxious feelings, it's something that's personal to me but also definitely something I want my friends to be aware of. It's hard to know the line of where or when to talk about it, but whatever you feel is right for you is way more important than what may be right for others. In high school, I felt it was something to keep to myself. I didn't need to burden others with MY problems. But once I came to college, I realized it's okay to talk to other people. It's okay to let people in or get their advice. 


The people around you will want to help you and telling people you need help is the best way to get help. 

Mental health is an important part of your general health as well. The stigma around mental health in general is just plain dumb, and not talking to someone for fear of judgement or misunderstanding can really make you feel more isolated. It isn't easy to talk to people, but sometimes it's the best. It's so much harder to live thinking you're alone, but taking care of yourself by asking for help is so important. It's scary to pick up the phone and talk to others, but it's so much harder to live alone. 

You're the only you that you have, so please take care of yourself. Even when it's hard.