What every college kiddo needs

Hi hi babes! Hope everything is great with y'all! I just wanted to share some of my ~college essentials~ with y'all, especially since I'm away from school and have time to think about what's the best stuff that I have there! 

  1. A pair of heavenly comfy sweatpants or leggings: There is always that time during finals week or when you are sick or just when that you just want to be comfy and not give two shits because sweats and leggings always win.  Get yourself your fave brand, I like Champion, and enjoy your sweats and your freedom from constricting pants!
  2. A pair of headphones: For finals week or your flight home at the end of the semester, you're seriously gonna need a pair headphones to block out all the noise that can distract or annoy you. I like over-the-ear noise canceling ones, but anything that works for you is perfect! 
  3. SQUISHY BED THINGS (!!): Your bed is your safe haven, or at least my bed is my safe haven. My bed is always there for me, and it's the best place to go. When I first got to college, I decked out my bed with mattress toppers, squishy pillows, fuzzy blankets and everything that quite literally helps me sleep at night.  Choose things that you know help you fall asleep and you'll be set for all four years.
  4. A wristlet/wallet: I am one of those girls that constantly laments the size of women's pant pockets, because frankly you can fit MAYBE a penny in there and that's not all that helpful. That being said, I am not one to tote around a huge bag or anything larger than what I can fit in my hand or jacket pocket. So, getting a wristlet that keeps all of my money and stuff together in one place makes things easier for when I leave the house, as I can just hold on to it, throw it in a pocket or put it in my backpack. 
  5. Netflix/Amazon Prime account: I won't lie to you, I use my parent's Netflix and Prime account. I'm sorry, but I'm not ready for the commitment or responsibility of having my own and paying for it. But for real, when it comes down to spending a Friday night in or having something on in the background while cooking dinner or crafting for your little, Netflix or ANY video streaming service is seriously everything I could ever ask for. If you wanna hear my recommendations, comment below! 
  6. An extra phone charger: I even have a battery case for my phone, and I've still gotten in the habit of carrying around an extra charger (or let's be fully honest, asking my friends to carry one around for me 'cause I'm a lazy lady). I use my phone constantly, I'm not going to lie. It's a bad habit, but one I justify because PR/Social Media is basically everything I do for my clubs/internships. But for real, having an extra phone charger is low-key a life saver at times. I tend to stay out late at friend's houses catching up with them and my phone dies on me half the time and then I have to find a way to explain to my roomie that I'm alive and well and carrier pigeons don't work as well as a text would. So having an extra phone charger on hand is always helpful for keeping people apprised of your whereabouts, if you're like me. Or scrolling on Insta when you're bored if you're ACTUALLY like me. 
  7. A planner:  I don't care what kind of planner is- just get one. For real! Even if it's a printed out weekly planner from Pinterest, that is great. Just having something that you can write your to-dos down makes college 100000000% times easier. Yes, that's an exaggeration, but still having a planner can be very helpful in moments where you have no clue what the hell you have due this week. Whether you choose to use a Target one, a Day Designer, Lilly Pulitzer, or a piece of blank paper- anything that works for you is helpful.  Nothing is more essential for college than being on top of your social and school calendars and as a visual person.
  8. An everyday go-to shoe: I have about five of these to be honest. I just really like shoes and it's hard to pick a favorite. It depends on the season, the weather, my mood, but I do at least have a go-to shoe. Most of the time, I stick to black ankle booties, or black flats or Birkenstocks! Those are the shoes I grab the most, and having a pair of shoes you can depend on makes getting dressed for the day about 10 times easier because you can center your outfit around your shoes at the very least. 
  9. A hard plastic laptop cover: I basically torment my laptop. I should treat it like a temple, and I treat it like it really is weatherproof and everything. But, the one thing I do to take care of my laptop is put a nice hard case on it! It makes it more protected from the elements and your own clumsiness. The other nice thing about it is that you can decorate it to your heart's content. Mine is currently covered in stickers from RedBubble and assorted other places I feel the need to rep. I use a Speck one, but anything from Best Buy or Amazon is a solid choice as well! 
  10. A good travel mug: Okay, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret of mine. I was sitting in my Psychology of Addiction class about 4 weeks ago, dying of a migraine because I hadn't had coffee all day because I was being dumb and trying to wean myself off of caffeine after pretty much solely existing on it during recruitment. Little did I know, we'd be covering caffeine addiction in that session... and one class session later, I'm self diagnosed with a caffeine addiction. All this to say, get a travel mug. If you're a coffee addict like me, it'll save you a pretty penny if you make your own coffee and bring it in a cup to class instead of heading to Starbucks. Also, if you're still gonna go to Starbucks and not listen to me, they do at least give you a discount if you bring your own cup, so keep that in mind too. 
  11. A water bottle: Plastic kills. For REAL, y'all. Please just buy a camelback or a cheap reusable water bottle and fill it up! It's so much better for the world and your wallet! You can flavor it with citrus and anything else you like, but it's just a better choice than stocking up on plastic bottles in the grocery store. 
  12. A duffle bag: I like taking little weekend trips out of the city, or at least out of my suite every now and then. Having a bag I can throw things in that fits more than just my laptop and a book is seriously helpful for when I decide at the drop of a hat to head outta down. Any sort of bag that suits your fancy is perfect - I use one from 224 apparel! 
  13. A sweater from your college: I like being able to rep both Barnard and Columbia, and I really don't even let myself into the bookstore because I tend to go a bit crazy in there. It's always nice to be able to be home and wearing your school's colors and gear and feel all nostalgic, but it's even better for after you graduate!
  14. A pair of dress shoes: Having a pair of "nice" shoes is really helpful for those moments where you just need to look presentable. It's perfect for career fairs, formal chapter, meeting your boyfriend's parents, or anything that you suddenly need to pull yourself together for. Most importantly, they should be comfortable!  
  15. A gift card to a restaurant:  This is basically like free cash in my opinion. I like being able to not spend "real" money, so having a gift card to Starbucks, Chipotle or a local coffee shop is seriously helpful.

Anything I didn't include that I should have?