Week in the life

Hi hi y'all! Hope your Friday is fabulous! I'm heading home to Atlanta on Sunday for Thanksgiving, so this week has been kinda crazy prepping for that. I wanted to show y'all an average week in the life for me - I know I talk about how busy I am most of the time and I just wanted to show you how I manage my time and balance everything I do. 

My Monday through Wednesday is usually pretty busy for me! I have class (in blue) from about 10-1/1:30 on Mondays and then usually try to get the week off to a productive start in the afternoon. I had a little bit of crazy weekend with work and friends so I started my "productive" week off with a nice long nap, which seems to be the best way for me to get through the more difficult days.

Tuesday, I just have class from 11:40-1pm and 2-4pm, so I kind of fill the time around classes with things I need to get done. This week, I picked up an extra session of TA'ing the psych lab I TA. I also registered my classes for next semester (eeeeeek!!) and had lunch with my big and my best friend! It was a pretty chill day, and I ended it knocking out some work in a computer lab on campus. 

Wednesdays are my easiest day by far. I have one class on Wednesday, my lab section for Environmental Science, and this week we were barely in lab for a hour, which was amazing. I got out of class at 11:30, grabbed my packages from the mail center (including my formal dress!) and then grabbed lunch with my little. I've been having quite a lot of late nights this week with all my work before I leave, so I decided to take a little nap as well. This week is also my sorority's philanthropy event, Grilled Cheese with the G Phi B's, so I scheduled a shift to help deliver grilled cheeses. Our local Hillel on our campus does Challah sales on every other Wednesday or so to raise money for hunger around NYC, so I try to order from them as often as possible and they have pretty late night pickups. I ended the night working in my suite kitchen and chatting with my lineage. 

Thursday through Sunday is pretty easy this week- in that I don't have many plans. Fridays, I don't have classes, which is so nice!! I try to get things done and be productive on my Fridays, so I tend to schedule doctors' appointments and such for those times. This Friday, I've scheduled a doctor's appointment, grabbing coffee with some friends, hopefully doing a video shoot for our chapter's recruitment video (which I oversee the production of). I'll most likely end the night with some friends (probably my lineage, knowing how much time I spend with them on a daily basis) and hopefully watching a movie and just hanging out. 

Saturday, my chapter has a retreat during the day, so I'm excited to bond with my sisters and just hang out. I'm also going to grab dinner downtown with some friends that are in from back home, which will be a nice little ending to my day. 

Sunday, my chapter has our Founders' Day Brunch, so some of us, or likely, all of us, will meet to walk to the restaurant downtown for our brunch! Directly after brunch, I'll have to pack and head to the airport to go home for Thanksgiving! 


For me, the hardest part of college is time management. It's hard to juggle everything I do and feel like I still have time to be a human. Every week is different with my plans and scheduling meetings for each thing I do. I'm loving being so busy in college though- it makes me feel like I'm thriving! 

How do you manage your weeks?