Currently Craving

Hi hi y'all! Hope everyone is doing super well as the second week of January and 2016 draws to a close. I'm trying to fit all my last minute errands and visits in before I head back to school next week for another round of classes and such! 

As the holiday season ends and I start thinking about another year, another semester, and transitioning into a newer and colder season (Atlanta has been ridiculously mild compared to New York this winter), I've been drawn to much different products. Here's a peek into some things I've found myself eyeing recently. 

Flats, Tassel Necklace (on sale!), Phone Case, Salt Spray, Rayne Necklace, Turtleneck sweater, Monogram necklace, Jewelry tray, Kendra Scott earrings, Catbird ring, Warby Parker glassesMadewell plaid skirt, Solid Shampoo, Pearl Studs, Ray-Ban Sunnies, Travel Mug, Sweatshirt, Journal, Leather Phone Case, Yoga Tank, Glitter Keds, Emoji Studs, Champagne glass, Notebook, Jewelry dish, Watch, Print, Makeup Bag, Travel Mug, Pearl Cuff, FP Lace-Up Shirt. 

I recently found out about Bow and Drape, a GLITTERY AS HELL customizable sweatshirt company and I've fallen in love. They're super affordable and can we just talk for a second about how darling everything in their shop is? I'm obsessed to say the least.

I found out about Furbish Studio from another blogger, and I lowkey want all of their emoji prints. 

I'm really into this whole lace-up trend, even though my mom says it's just bringing the seventies back to haunt adults, but I'm a fan!

I'm really clumsy. I'm putting it out there. I also really like hot drinks, considering it takes a lot to get me out of bed and into the cold. Cue travel mugs. This way, I can have my hot chocolate or coffee and not promptly spill it all over myself and get burned. 

Okay, I'm a southern girl. We all love Kendra Scott. It just took me about 5 years to get on trend, y'all. But DANG. I love her jewelry, I don't care how basic it makes me. Especially in Abalone?? So glittery and shiny and beautiful. 

These are just a few specifics I'm in love with that I pulled out of the collage, but tbh, if everything from this collage magically found its way into my closet, there wouldn't be an argument from me. (My wallet, on the other hand, is another story). 

Hope y'all enjoyed! What are you craving this month?