weekly whats up

Hi hi hello my lovelies- hope everyone's week is going well! I just finished my last week of work and I'm starting the process of getting ready to move back to school EEEEK! Sorry about the lack of posts this week, it was a lil' crazy here with last minute doctor appointments and such! Hope everyone is having an amazing week and a great weekend :) 

Also, important note: I'm finally on Bloglovin' so come say hi and gimme a follow and I'll say hello back! 

took my sister out for a lil' burger date last week and it was delicious and she was adorable

with our recruitment coming up, I designed a new cover photo for our sorority to show what we're all about- I'm so excited to be back on campus with all my sisters in a week!

Went to my favorite place on earth this week- Arepa Mia, and just about cried of joy when I got my hands on this delicious gooey avocado-y goodness. 

HEY HEY HEY!!! Spoon University Barnard/Columbia is launching this semester and I'm on exec board and super psyched for this coming semester- so I designed a lil' cover/recruitment banner for us! 

Finally got my adorable black and gold tassel clutch from Marley Lilly and I've been using it non-stop since I got ahold of it! 


I have a weekend filled with crafting, blog planning, photo shoots, and some adventures coming up! What are you doing this weekend?