organization tips (paper edition)

I try to keep my life as organized as possible, even though if you ask my mom how organized I am, she would quite literally laugh in your face. I can never manage to keep my room/closet in order, but I always try my hardest when it comes to keeping a planner and planning my day/week/month/year out! In that regard, I'm relatively talented. 

There are two ways I keep myself organized: 1) on paper, and 2) electronically. I'll do another post soon on how I keep my life organized on my phone and my laptop! Today I'm just going to focus on the paper trail I leave behind! 

I'm weirdly obsessed with school supplies and organizational supplies. I end up buying a new planner every year and I hoard notebooks like nobody's business. Pens are my weakness and I can spend hours in office supply stores. 

Here are the basics of how I organize myself on paper: 

Planner wise, I'm still trying out favorites! Last year, I used Lilly Pulitzer's Jumbo Agenda in Tuscan Sun! Their website doesn't carry the Jumbo planner in this print for 2015-2016, but I've linked her Jumbo planners for this year. 

This was one of my favorite planners that I've had in the past! I got the jumbo because I have relatively large handwriting and I like having my space to spread out my writing. The jumbo is approximately 11" by 9", give or take. I also really liked this planner because it's a 17 month planner, so it wasn't just for an academic or calendar year, which was nice because I used it for the beginning months of this summer. The only reason I switched planners this year was for size's sake and to just try something new! 

For the 2015-2016 school year, I transferred to the Kate Spade 17 month large agenda in Gold Dots. This one is much smaller than the Lilly Pulitzer, even at the large- it's coming in at 9" by 7", which is a little more manageable for me and my already pretty stuffed backpack! I also like this one because it's a little more discreet and professional than the LP, although it does lack that fun colorful aspect!

This is the monthly view (I'm using August since that's the one I have the most filled in as of right now. I try to color code my calendar as best I can- yellow for work shifts, orange for important appointments, and pink dots are for when I need to check and specifically post things for the different social media accounts I run for organizations and then I use washi tape and cute sparkly pens to make the other things look more fun! I use washi tape for the longer breaks that I may take because it takes up so much room that it seems pointless to use it for a single little day square! I make sure to put all my appointments, work shifts, any vacations, family members in or out of town, and my loved ones' birthdays! As I schedule little events, I'll add them in, but I try to have all my important things planned out the week before I start the new month. 

Here's a look at the weekly view- This is the first week of August for me, before I filled it in. I made sure to put in all my work shifts, planned workouts and any specific posts I need to post on social media. I'll add in smaller things like nail/hair appointments or lunch with friends or anything of the sort later as they pop up. The things already in here are the appointments I have planned in advance usually. An average week for me is usually much busier, but because it's summer, I don't have as much! 

I use a lot of little things to help keep me organized: mostly different colored pens and washi tapes!! I color code my planner- hot pink for social media posts for blog and gamma phi, yellow highlight for work, and other colors for school and home. I absolutely LOVE the Sakura Gelly Roll pens because they're vibrant, last a long time and are always a pop of fun! I have their metallic pack and a few neon colors. For just plain black pens, I use Sharpie's Fine Point pen, Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica 0.3mm pens (I'm super specific about these because the points are ridiculously fine and are amazing for writing in small spaces), and plain ol' Sharpies! I also use washi tape to block out longer chunks of time, like the week of recruitment, or a weekend I'll be home, or longer breaks. I bought all my washi tape from The Washi Shop on Etsy and I use the Neon Pink Diagonal Stripe, the Gold Diagonal Stripe, Black Cat, and Pink Floral

If you need any more tips on how to stay organized, feel free to comment below with what you'd like to see! I'll be doing another post soon on how I stay organized electronically! 

How do you stay organized?