A series of my Favorites: Instagrammers

Living in the 21st century, so many of us use and love a little app called Instagram. I probably spend 85% of my daily phone time (which is an absurd amount of time) on Instagram just scrolling through the hundreds of people I follow. I've found out about way too many different things on Instagram like books, different beauty products, restaurants, and coffee shops. It blows my mind that something that started out as a place to share photos has become such a big part of our culture and a place to curate and cultivate art, creativity, and social movements. 

These are some of my favorite instagram accounts- they pretty much define #instagoals 

 @sharonwv- my freshman year roomie and art history extraordinaire, Shae. I always go to her for insta styling advice and she has the best composition! She manages to make her everyday lift look incredibly colorful and exciting in every single post. 

@flomingoh - my friend Bridgit is crazy talented at creating stellar composition in all her pictures and her captions are always the wittiest I see. Once I got her and Shae together, their instagram game was unstoppable. 

@anahitaglitters- Ana(hita) is one of my FAVORITE people on earth and she's also one of my favorite instagrammers! She's sweet as pie in "real life" and her instagram style is even sweeter. For a dose of glittery fashion and enviable style and posts, I stalk her account.

@rosielondoner- one of my favorite bloggers, The Londoner, Rosie Thomas, happens to be one of my favorite instagrammers as well. her captions are filled with puns (something that speaks to my old man humor) and her pictures are incredible. every single one makes you want to jump into the photograph and join her on her adventures and her and all her posts are BEAUTIFUL. 

@emilyschuman- Another one of my favorite bloggers, Cupcakes and Cashmere - aka Emily Schuman, happens to run one of the most fashionable and on-point instagrams I've seen. I've been following C&C online for years and when I found Emily's instagram, I fell in love with her style and wit even more! I love seeing glimpses of her life, like her adorable baby and all her cute floral instas, and she always manages to make me laugh with hilarious captions. 

@subwaybookreview- An ingenious account to get through your morning commute. The owner of this account photographs people reading books on the NYC subway and asks them for a mini-book review of whatever they're reading. I've found tons of books to add to my list- the next one on my list is Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. 

@headspace- I personally love meditation and a friend recommended the meditation app, Headspace, to me.  I found their Instagram account and found their posts to be a nice little reminder to breathe throughout the day. 



@Chalaitnyc - I'm all for coffeeshops. I have at least two cups of coffee a day, bare minimum. However, recently I've switched over to drinking more green tea, and CHALAIT has become my favorite place to get matcha anything when I'm in the city. Their instagram makes me miss them and the city so much and gives me more inspiration for my daily cup of green joe. 

@spoonuniversity- I'm a little bit biased towards Spoon considering I was the photography director for the chapter on my campus, but their instagram is absolutely perfect for hungry college kids looking for funny #foodporn inspo. They're also headquarted in NYC so they're often featuring local places that I can easily find and visit and add to my list of my usual haunts. 

@goodhealthgoodvibes- I like to think I eat in a pretty healthy way, even though my parents will argue that point. I grew up in a family who was gluten free and often tended towards vegetarian cuisine. So you could say I'm used to a green and clean eating lifestyle. this instagram account makes me feel like I eat only junk food because it's so fresh and green constantly. I love scrolling through the green pictures and finding inspiration for my next health kick. 

@foodintheair- I love food. I don't really need to say it twice. @foodintheair is a great place to find beautiful, artsy, delicious pictures of food and I often find myself drooling over all the pictures. check out their hashtags too- #fita and #foodintheair - you'll be obsessed immediately. 

@eatingnewyork- living in a city with thousands, if not tens of thousands, of restaurants, it becomes difficult to choose where to eat. this instagram account does half the work for me- they post delicious pictures of food from local places in the city and I've found myself making long, long, long lists of places I need to visit that I've found from this account!



@hungrygirlsdoitbetter-This is very similar to @eatingnewyork, except for my hometown of Atlanta! Atlanta is filled with so many amazing restaurants and I still find myself going back to my 10 or 15 usual places. This account inspires me to find new places to eat and try to take just as cute pictures with my hungry girl besties. 

@mydaywithleo - this instagram account started off as a guy holding up leonardo dicaprio paper cutouts over people's faces to make people laugh and it's turned into a social media movement. the account's owner now works with FX to create the newest Louie ad campaign and he's branched out to poke fun at our favorite ladies, like beyonce, nicki minaj and my favorite: the golden girls. 

@vsco- I use the app VSCO to edit all of my pictures for the most part and their instagram feed is as equally inspiring and creative as their app is.  

I hope y'all saw someone you follow on here and if you didn't, maybe you should change that ASAP. I'm always looking for new creative voices to add to my feed- who are some of your favorite instagrammers?