101 in 1001


Hi hello lovelies! 

Hope everyone is well and lovely and enjoying the little break from work! I know I'm enjoying catching up on sleep and spending time with my family :)

I'm sure some of you have seen the 101 in 1001 lists on other blogs before, but just in the case that you haven't, the premise is to come up with 101 different things (whether it be personal, financial, professional, etc) and accomplish them in 1001 days (which is around 2.75 years).   I decided to come up with my own 101 in 1001 list and share it on my blog with you all. It's a great way to share my goals (and updates!) while also staying accountable. 

Today is December 27, 2015 so that means that 1001 days from today would be September 23, 2018! 

Below are my personal, blog, travel, family/friend/relationship, and just for fun goal that I hope to accomplish over the next 1001 days (when I'll be 22 years old and a college graduate!!!) I think this list will be a great way to get a glimpse into my life beyond this blog. I look forward to updating you each month with my progress! 

Start Date: December 27th, 2015
End Date: September 23rd, 2018

1. See at least one family member every 2-3 weeks
2. Read at least 30 new books
3. Vote in a presidential election- I'm looking at you, 2016!
4. Go through my closet & donate, donate, donate!
5. Create a budget & savings plan that works for me and stick to it
6. Find a form of exercising I actually enjoy
7. See SNL taped live
8. Study abroad somewhere- I'm thinking Amsterdam or Paris
9. Fill a diary with thoughts and ideas
10. Get certified to teach yoga
11. Brush up/relearn Spanish so I can speak to my mom, sister and family!
12. Go to Convention for Gamma Phi!
13. Get my nose re-pierced
14. Take a friend for a tattoo
15. Go to 10 concerts
16. See all the Broadway shows on my list: 
17. Volunteer for something I'm passionate about! (Starting with interning at Girls on the Run, but I'd like to volunteer somewhere else too!)
18. Learn how to do a split/become more flexible
19. Try to go to yoga once a month and then build it up to once a week
20. Donate to a Kickstarter I believe in!
21. Try 20 new restaurants in New York
22. Journal every night for a month
23. Make a photo album or scrapbook
24. Learn to make a molten chocolate cake
25. Adopt an elephant
26. Read all the unread books I currently own
27. Learn 10 new recipes
28. Work on better posture

29. Find a paying internship or job to help get through college!
30. Re-brand & re-design my site
31. Find an internship in fashion, maybe at a magazine
32. Connect with more bloggers "in real life"
33. Attend at least 1 blogger conference
34. Upgrade to a better DSLR camera
35. Design blog business cards
36. Double my page views on my blog
37. Join HerCampus Blog Network
38. Collaborate with a brand I love
39. Keep up my Youtube channel
40. Start posting 3 times a week
41. Work on diversifying content
42. Come up with monthly personal content
43. Post more "substantial" content; about family, friends, values, at least once a month
44. Start actually shooting fashion posts
45. Go to a blog meet up
46. Join another blogging network
47. Make a best friend through blogging
48. Launch a city guide- for Atlanta and New York
49. Reach 1000 Bloglovin' followers
50.  Reach 1000+ Instagram followers
51. Establish (and stick to) an editorial calendar

52. Take a road trip with someone
53. visit a US state or city I've never been to
54. Take a spontaneous trip
55. Visit Paris
56. Travel to a new country
57. Go somewhere with friends from college
58. Go somewhere with friends from home
59. Make it to a music festival- Bonnaroo or Governors' Ball probably! 
60. Finally visit Cuba and see my heritage in person
61. Visit a friend at their school, somewhere new!
62. Visit Seattle
63. Do a wine tasting in Napa

Family, Friends & Relationships
64. Convince my parents to adopt a third cat or a dog!
65. See my sister graduate high school in person
66. See my cousins graduate from graduate school in person
67. Go to my friends' graduations (three of my close friends graduate the year before me!)
68. Celebrate all of my friends' 21st birthdays with them.
69. Reconnect with an old friend
70. Take a road trip down to Florida with all my friends from home over one summer
71.Take my little sister on a day of bonding doing whatever she wants to do
72. Host my sister for a week in New York
73. Ask 20 different people to recommend books and read them all
74. Get a dog
75. Write letters to 5 people who have truly impacted my life
76. Watch all the Oscar nominees for best picture for 2015/2016/2017 with my mom
77. Send care packages to my sister at school
78. Learn to drive stick shift with my dad
79. Go on a road trip with my mom
80.  Try to visit each of my friends at their college
81. Reconnect with a teacher from high school

Just For Fun
82. Pick up tap dancing again
83. Go to 5 concerts
84. Take a painting or ceramics class
85. Go to a comedy club- UCB to start!
86. Start and finish at least 5 TV series (Grey's Anatomy, Man in the High Castle, House of Cards, Dexter, Criminal Minds)
87. Go to my first football game
88. Do a Color Run
89. See the New York City Ballet live
90. Take a boxing class
91. Watch 10 international films
92. Go to Top of the Rock
93. Take photos in a photo booth
94. Fill a role of film
95. Go on a photography adventure
96. Grow a mint plant
97. Clean out my iPhone and laptop- delete old contacts, photos, unused apps.
98. Buy a world map and mark all the places I have been to.
99. create a happy moments jar for 2016 and 2017
100. Make a list of 101 things to be grateful for
101. Make a list of I've achieved- reverse bucket list!

What are your goals? If you create a 101 in 1001 list I would love, love, LOVE for you to share the link with me below in the comments!