day in the life

Hi hello my loves!

Hope all is well and that you’re getting in the swing of things. I know that it’s definitely a little difficult to get used to being back at school for another semester of work and play, but I’m finally starting to feel settled in… a week late. I just wanted to show you all what I’m up to here at school and what a week in my life looks like!





    I try to give myself a lot of time in the morning because I really am NOT a morning person. It makes me like being awake much more in the morning if I’m not rushing out the door. I try to give myself an hour or half and a half in the morning before I have to be anywhere, so I have time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, catch up on social media/blog, and eat a full breakfast while I’m getting ready. This way I’m not scarfing down food while haphazardly doing my makeup! It feels a lot better than rushing around and makes me start my day on a much calmer note.  Depending on the day, I might get up a little earlier (for examples, on Monday, I intern for Girls on the Run’s New York office out in Brooklyn and get up is around 7am for that).





    My earliest class this semester is at 11 am, but depending on the day, it could be later. For example, on Mondays, I intern from 9:30 to 4pm; Tuesdays, I have class from 11:40 to 2:30; Wednesdays, I have class from 11-1, and Thursdays are the same as Tuesday!




Lunch time!

We have an amazing little cafe on campus where I like to stop by and grab some pizza or a sandwich or something. There’s usually a table or seat open, so I’ll sit and eat while I catch up on reading or do some blog work. Usually, I’m either done with classes by this time, or I have a long enough break that I can get some smaller tasks done




Get little tasks done

Pick up mail, answer emails, tackle to-do list items. Having this little time in my day to take care of necessary things always makes me feel organized. If I don’t have much on my to-do list, I’ll start doing any homework I have.





I really like naps. Considering I get up pretty early (for a college kid), I like to take a lil’ nap part way through the day, usually around 3:30pm or 4pm. It always rejuvenates me, even if I only nap for 20-30 mins. Once I wake up, I’ll start getting my work for the night done.





I’ll usually start to make dinner around now, or at least start to think about what I’m doing for dinner. I have a kitchen in my college apartment, and I like to make my own dinner most of the time. If I have a ton of work, I’ll make something simple like rice and bean and guac, but if I have more time, I’ll make something slightly more complicated, like pasta bolognese. Sometimes, though, I just really can’t find the motivation to cook, and I’ll just end up ordering sushi, which is always a treat!




I’ll finish up any work I have for school, and just get started on smaller tasks or tasks for my extra curriculars, like Spoon or Gamma Phi.




By now, most of my work is done, so I’ll start watching TV or a movie before I sleep just to wind down. I’m currently watching Making a Murderer and I’m more than a little addicted.




 I’ll try to be in bed by now, even if it’s not when I’m exactly going to sleep. It always takes me a while to fall asleep, so I try to get into bed at least an hour before I’d like to fall asleep.