Make a Statement

I'm a big fan of statement necklaces, as seen here and also on an almost daily basis. I think they really add a pop to an outfit and I think they're SO much fun! I decided to pick out some of my favorites from BaubleBar, probably my all time FAVORITE jewelry store for you to see what I'm drawn towards! 

1 (Pearl Shower Bib), 2 (Acrylic Script Monogram), 3 (Anderson Collar), 4 (Raja Bib), 5 (Antigua Tassel Bib - out of stock), 6 (Crystal Firecracker Strand-Blue/Antique Gold) , 7 (Confetti Collar), 8 (Aquanara Collar), 9 (Festival Tassel Bracelet), 10 (Crystal Fontainebleau Bib) , 11 (Extra Large Acrylic Script Monogram Necklace) , 12 (Plumeria Collar). 

These are some of the pieces I've been eyeing, and I absolutely love that BaubleBar is making more unconventional pieces (like, hello statement monogram necklace!) and such fun pieces!

What's your favorite type of jewelry to wear?