feelin' things

Hi y'all! Hope everyone's week and Thanksgiving is going well :) I'm happily settled in at home on the couch with my family as I write this, so mine's going well. 

I just wanted to check in and do an update for everyone about how I'm doing, how college is, and how New York is. This blog is more than just a place for me to talk about the internet and clothes and whatever else passes by my plate. I love to use this space as a way to connect with you, the people who read all my babble and oftentimes, the people who mean so much to me in my life.

photo courtesy of  Sharon Wu Photograp hy 

photo courtesy of Sharon Wu Photography 

Life in college is definitely crazy! It's a good kind of crazy, though, but continually overwhelming. I'm wrapping up my first semester of sophomore year, which means I'm almost halfway through college. Which.... we're not talking about. That's INSANE to me, that I'm almost halfway done. So, we're promptly ignoring that subject.

This fall has been great! I declared my major, Psychology, and I've been devoting a lot of time on my class schedule to finishing up major requirements. I also continued on with Spoon University as they revamped their campus program, and now I'm on Columbia chapter's Executive Board as the social media manager. It's a ton of fun and the group of people who we work with are a blaaaast! I've been knocking out lots of articles for them and I'm obsessed. I also was recently elected to be on my sorority (Gamma Phi Beta)'s Executive Council as the Public Relations Vice President. When I found out, I almost screamed of excitement. If you're close to me, you know just how much Gamma Phi means to me and getting to give back on such an intense level (working on Executive Board) is an amazing opportunity for me. In addition, I also joined a Social Psychology lab on campus as a volunteer and it's been so much fun and incredibly interesting to see the research that goes into so many psychology studies. Next semester, I'll be working in this lab for credit as a Research Assistant and hopefully, I'll be able to go to any conferences we present our work at!

As you can imagine, all of those extracurriculars can be a little crazy on top of a full class load, but I really love everything I'm involved with so it's a ton of fun. I'll be honest and say that there are many moments where I question if I should do all that I'm doing and if I can genuinely handle it all along with taking proper care of myself, but I always realize how much I would miss something if I were to stop doing it. In college, there can be a lot of pressure to "do things" and do everything, and going to a school like Barnard/Columbia, it feels as though I'm doing practically nothing compared to some of my peers at times. However, it's so vital to kind of keep your head up in moments like that. I'm very very VERY lucky to have a group of friends who constantly remind me how important it is to take care of myself and that it is okay to NOT do everything all the time. I'm also lucky to have a family who is supportive of everything I do and often remind me that I can always take a break from college if I need one.

Coming home for Thanksgiving was probably the perfect thing to do. I had just finished midterms at school and I was feeling overwhelmed, burned out and kind of trampled by school. I chose to come home early (missing a day or two of classes) because of this and it was really helpful to have those days off to relax and rejuvenate. School can definitely be overwhelming at times for everyone, and I definitely appreciated my teachers being so willing to have me miss class. I think one thing that college kids forget to do in college, is take care of themselves. Often times, we all get so wrapped up in doing everything that we overlook ourselves. I definitely get so sucked into everything I'm doing that I forget to eat or stay hydrated or I'll ignore the onset of a cold or sickness because I have a paper due, etc. Coming home was the perfect way to ground myself before heading back to school for the final push of the semester. 

If you're in college, how do you take care of yourself? If you've finished college, how did you survive college? I'd like to hear in the comments!