COLLEGE: Barnard College

LIVING: Atlanta, GA, soon to be back in New York, NY

FUTURE: At the helm of a female founded (or self-founded!) company advocating for sexual wellness and agency in women!

RIGHT NOW: Figuring things out, following graduation. No one told me post-grad life is like a cliff with nothing to grab on the way down! Starting a job this fall working in public health! 

FAVORITE THINGS: Traveling, embarrassing my family and friends, scream-singing the latest country hit, attempting to force myself to like exercise, trying new recipes, reading a non-fiction book, trying to understand astrology, and finding new restaurants to try.   

Greetings y'all! 

I'm Molly- a sweet lil' Georgia peach, who spent her formative college years in a place much too cold for her taste (the ever popular island of Manhattan!).  I'm an avid writer, reader, eater, feminist, mental health advocate, sexual wellness aficionado, and a huge fan of feminist shirts and margarita recipes. 

I decided three years ago to give blogging a real try this time around. These pages have become filled with my own musings- about food, makeup, clothes (I like to think I'm a fashionista, no matter how many pairs of sweatpants I own), and as always, more serious topics like intersectional feminism, questions about sexuality, and agency, and mental health. 

I hope this space here becomes something comforting to you, like advice your older sister would give, or something your best friend would tell you. 

I'm lucky to be able to take the time on a regular basis to stop what I'm doing and reflect. This blog is a space to help me do that and to help others do so as well. It's also a step in a positive direction- I want to encourage everyone to jump into doing what they've always been afraid of doing, to take a breather and reflect, and  to explore everything about themselves that we all cast aside while we're in a rush to get to our next goal. 

I hope you enjoy these adventures with me!