COLLEGE: Barnard College, class of 2018

MAJOR:  Psychology 

FUTURE: Ideally at a female founded (or self-founded!) company advocating for mental health awareness or sexual wellness!

FAVORITE THINGS: traveling, embarrassing my family and friends, scream-singing the latest country hit, avoiding exercise, trying new recipes, finding a new spot on my ear to get pierced,  occupying my "usual" restaurants, and my adidas pink Gazelle. 

FAVORITE FOOD: coffee ice cream, matcha lattes, black beans and rice, mac and cheese, pho, and iced chais!

Greetings y'all! 

I'm Molly- a sweet lil' Georgia peach,stuck in New York for her college years.  I'm an avid writer, reader, eater, feminist, mental health advocate, sexual wellness aficionado, and a huge fan of feminist shirts and margaritas. 

I've decided to give blogging a real try this time around. These pages will be filled with my own musings- about food, makeup, clothes (I like to think I'm a fashionista, no matter how many pairs of sweatpants I own), and as always, more serious topics like intersectional feminism, questions about sexuality, and agency, and mental health.  I hope you enjoy these adventures with me! 

I'm lucky to be able to take the time on a daily basis to stop what I'm doing and reflect and this blog is a space to help me do that and to help others do that as well. It's also a step in a positive direction- I want to encourage everyone to jump into doing what they've always been afraid of doing, to take a breather and reflect, and  to explore everything about themselves that we all cast aside while we're in a rush to get to our next goal.