COLLEGE: Barnard College

MAJOR:  Psychology and Public Health

FUTURE:  Hopefully somewhere in Public Health to reduce the stigma around mental health awareness.

SORORITY: Gamma Phi Beta (fun fact: I'm chapter president, so I live, sleep, breathe Gamma Phi!)

NICKNAMES: Molls, Molly Emma

FAVORITE THINGS: traveling, embarrassing my family and friends, scream-singing the latest country hit, avoiding exercise, trying new recipes, finding a new spot on my ear to get pierced,  occupying my "usual" restaurants, and my Birkenstocks. 

FAVORITE FOOD: coffee ice cream, green tea, black beans and rice, and a good greasy burger with blue cheese and crunchy red onions. 

Greetings y'all! 

I'm Molly- a transplanted southerner wanderin' her way through New York City! I'm an avid writer, reader, eater, musician (or at least I try), and I've decided to give blogging a real go. These pages will be filled with my own lil' musings- about food, makeup, clothes (I like to think I'm a fashionista, no matter how many pairs of sweatpants I own), and all the little journeys I go on. Hope you enjoy these adventures with me! 

I spend most of my year exploring New York, but when I'm not in New York, you can probably find me wandering my hometown of Atlanta, GA with the millions of other southerners searching for the best of country music and sweet tea. 

I'm here because after years of attempted blogs,  one day I woke up and decided that I would just start doing it. Blogging has always pretty high up on the list of things I've always thought about doing but had been too scared to actually commit to. I decided to take the jump and many, many, many rough drafts later, Molly Em was born.

I'm lucky to be able to take the time on a daily basis to stop what I'm doing and reflect and this blog is a space to help me do that and to help others do that as well. It's also a step in a positive direction- I want to encourage everyone to jump into doing what they've always been afraid of doing, to take a breather and reflect, and  to explore everything about themselves that we all cast aside while we're in a rush to get to our next goal.